“Hello, friends I went through many threads for removing security from PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro application. I am a normal user I can’t afford such an expensive program for unlocking secured PDF files. I am looking for some free solution to carry out this task. Is there anyone here, who can help me out of this? Please tell me how we can I unlock password protected PDF document at free of cost. All suggestions are welcome!!

Are you also among those users who is having this same query? If yes? Then read this blog and resolve it quickly.

PDF files can be secured either document open password or with the restrictions. If the file is having document open password security then the every-time user has to enter the password to open and view the PDF contents. While with the restricted PDF file a user is unable to copy, print, edit, sign the PDF document. However, due to these restrictions and passwords, it becomes very difficult for the user to manage the PDF document hence, they need some solution that can unlock secured PDF files quickly. So, in this write-up, we have provided two solutions that can easily unlock protected PDF File.

3 Different Solutions to Unlock Password Protected PDF Files

Three different methods for removing security from PDF document are:

1- Google Chrome
2- Automated Tool
3- Online Tool

Unlock Secured PDF File by Google Chrome

1- Firstly, drag locked PDF into Google Chrome or Right click on PDF file & open with Google Chrome
2- As the file gets opened click on the Print button
3- After that click the Change button under the destination section
4- Choose “Save as PDF” from the list of destinations
5- Click on the “Save” button and save the new unlocked PDF

After following the above steps you can check that the PDF file is not password protected & is free from any restrictions.

Note: With this method, users can unlock password protected PDF files but it is necessary that the PDF should not have printing restrictions.

Free Software for Removing Security from PDF Document

SysTools PDF Unlocker Software is a reliable solution to remove security from PDF document. It can easily remove restrictions related to content copying from PDF, printing, editing, commenting, signing document modification, etc. This utility has very easy & simple graphical user interface so that even non-technical users can use this for unlocking secured PDF files. It does not require any external software to unsecure a secured PDF document. It is a self-independent software to remove PDF security. Moreover, the software supports all versions of Windows Operating Systems i.e. 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP.

Steps to Unlock Secured PDF for Printing, Copying, Editing, Signing


  • Install and Run PDF Unlocker Software for Windows OS
  • Click on the Browse button to Add protected PDF files
  • View the restrictions present in the PDF document
  • Click the Browse button & choose the destination for the resultant PDF file
  • Hit the Unlock PDF button to begin the procedure
  • The process completion message gets displayed
  • View the changes in the restrictions e. before & after the PDF unlocking process

    Now, navigate towards the destination location and view the unprotected PDF document

    Online Tool to Unlock Password Protected Files

    Apart from these two solutions, one can also use online software to remove security from PDF documents. There are many online utilities available to unlock secured PDF file. It is not needed to download and install them on your system. But, these online free services has some limitations i.e. high downloading & uploading time, PDF file size and number limitation, the addition of watermarks, etc. However, while using online software a user has to upload their file on the server. But, it might be possible that the file carries some confidential data. Therefore, in such cases, using online software for removing security from PDF documents is not reliable. So, it is recommended to use offline utility to unlock password protected PDF file without any limitation.


Nowadays, everyone is interacting with PDF files may be in the form of reports, magazines, manuals, bank statements, e-aadhar card, e-books, journals, etc. But, when these files are protected people are unable to work with them properly. Therefore, in such cases, it is needed to remove security from PDF documents. In this write-up, we have provided we have provided two different solutions that can help the user to unlock secured PDF document. Though manual technique can unsecure a secured PDF document, but it won’t work if the file has printing restrictions. Therefore, to overcome this limitation we come-up with another free solution i.e. SysTools PDF Unlocker. This software is capable enough to remove restrictions & passwords from PDF files quickly.