What is a blockchain Technology?

A blockchain technology is a process of transferring digital property from one user to another. Such that the process of transfer is secure and safe.It is the simplest and easiest way of transferring and exchanging digital currency. Due is high efficiency and great security it is becoming very popular these days.

Bitcoin was the first major application of Blockchain, which started in 2009. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that runs on a blockchain. The blockchain behind the bitcoin is a public ledger of every transaction. There are no chances to make any changes once a proper transaction takes place.

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Some prominent features of Bitcoin

Due to great efficiency and highly secured system, bitcoin is popular among people as well as among public. Some prominent features of bitcoin’s blockchain that make it more popular and worthy are as follows:

  • It has a limit of 21 million.
  • Currently, there is 17 million transactions
  • It is not centrally authorized.
  • The first transaction using bitcoin was almost 10,000 that took place in 2010 by a programmer.
  • Bitcoin often uses to buy illicit products such as drugs.
  • The identity of Bitcoin creator is still a mystery.

How does Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology actually works

A blockchain is a public ledger on which whole bitcoin network rely. All the blockchain transactions allow bitcoin wallets to calculate the spendable amount of bitcoin so that the next transaction can easily do its processing. Here the cryptography records all the information of the user.

There are three main technologies for the proper working of Blockchain. These technologies are:

  • Private Key
  • Distributive Network
  • Network’s transaction, Record-keeping,and Security

The detailed explanation of these main steps is as follows:


Private Keys

The blockchain private keys are cryptographic keys that sub-divides into two, a public key and private key. Their purpose is to create a secure and private transfer. These two combine together to form a unique digital signature that can only be accessed by the user. This keeps security maintain as only the owner can have the access of it.

The next step is identification. The identification requires approval or permission from the transaction. Which is yet another important step that makes security even stronger?


Distributive Network

The other step involved in working procedure of blockchain is the distribution of networks. In blockchain technology, the mathematical verification will record the entire process of the transaction and one can actually say that a transaction has made. Proper evidence (like how and when) is often not required to identify whether a transaction took place or not.

The verification can record the transfer at the spot whenever it happens. As the bitcoin’s blockchain, technology is so huge but still, it works so efficiently that it has amazed so many present technologies. This efficient behavior and higher security make it unique and prominent among other present technologies.

Network’s record keeping

Next main step of a blockchain technology is to keep records and maintain security. Else, than its highest efficiency and maintaining security another important task that it performs is to keep a record of the bitcoins. The blockchain protocol serves for this purpose.It will keep the track on all the bitcoins.

The goal of the protocol is to identify how many times a bitcoin is being used. Moreover, to eliminate the use of the same bitcoin in several transactions. In this way, a complete record on each transaction is maintained and avoid making use of the same bitcoin repeatedly.This makes bitcoin to act as gold in the property. Each blockchain has a proper verification for proper working. Any rule can be created when enough nodes reach the transaction.

Advantages of using a Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology

One of the main advantages of a Blockchain technology is that it cannot tamper. Every lock on a chain carries a strong cryptographic reference from the previous block. This cycle continues with the other chains and in this way works efficiently.

Breaking this chain requires a lot of effort. In any situation of tampering or any rule violated, we have to go through a series of hurdles or even solve various puzzles to reach the final destination.

The major issue with Blockchain

One of the main issue that a blockchain face is that transactions timing, as well as the costs,  have raised as the network becomes congested. This creates some huge troubles for its user, as they have to face so many different problems every day due to this issue.

Moreover, new coins were introduced that contributes to raising problems and difficulties as well. The miner of the bitcoin currency tries to hold the power of cryptocurrency, which results in a huge disaster as well.

These problems must need a permanent solution to prevent any type of great problem to give rise in future. Moreover, the employees and workers must also look at such types of issues and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the blockchain world has to face some crises n coming future.


This article showed the main important steps on how a bitcoin’s blockchain technology actually works. A blockchain is a public ledger that provides the facility to transfer the digital currency (bitcoin) from one user to another. While making such a transaction needs to follow three main steps to make the transfer actually efficient and secure. Moreover, the blockchain keeps the entire record of each transfer.