With increasing popularity of Samsung Galaxy S9, the unscrupulous elements are in action to make quick bucks by introducing fake Galaxy S9 in the online and offline market. The fake Galaxy S9 looks identical to original phone, but essentially with a lower grade of the processor, screen, RAM and almost all components.

Here are essential checks on how to spot a fake Galaxy S9 with little bit extra care.

Fingerprint Sensors

The fingerprint sensor is the easiest test to catch fake phones. If you are given the opportunity to unbox the phone before you are buying, you can set fingerprint lock on Samsung Galaxy S9.  You can try to unlock the phone with the other finger. If your phone unlocks with an incorrect finger, it is confirmed that the phone is fake! 

Benchmark Test

The benchmark test is the most reliable test to catch fake phones. You can download an app called Greenbench 4 and run the test. The test result comes with a performance parameter of the hardware. Once you have the results of the phone you want to purchase, you can compare the results with the original Galaxy S9 available to you. If the numbers in result vary drastically, it is the strong case that the new phone you are going to buy is the fake.


The audio of the fake phone is of poor quality. Set the phone at maximum volume and listen to the known voice or your favorite song. If you do not get the feel of the real music, probably the phone is not real. To get an accurate result, make sure to test the speakers with your familiar audio so you can identify the minute difference with ease.

 Video Display

Similar to speaker test, try to run few YouTube videos on Samsung Galaxy S9. If you feel lag in performance, either in speed, visuals or combinations of such parameters, it is a good case of the fake piece. Here also, it is advisable to use your favorite video so that you can spot the difference easily. It is better to compare it  by placing new phone and original Samsung Galaxy S9 phone side by side.


Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S9 offer at a too low price? Remember, if the price is too amazing, it is high chance of the fake piece. No company can sell you recently launched, brand new and highly successful phone at a half price!


Make sure you buy your Samsung Galaxy S9 from trusted e-commerce websites or retail stores of repute.

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